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we'll see you all again tomorrow night right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. up next, the o'reilly factor. hi. welcome to "red eye." tonight -- >> coming up on "red eye." shocking never before seen footage. is this bizarre cult of four-legged freaks hell bent on turning back the evolutionary clock? and is the president upset he didn't pre order a playstation 4 in time for today's launch? >> what i said last week and i i will repeat. that's something i regret. >> and why this act is a front for the more sinister purpose of robbing banks. none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> i wish they were. let's welcome our guests. our jedi master, jedediah bila,
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andy levy and remi h-munasaffi. and free think media partner camille foster. his name is easy. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >> thank you. i don't know what to talk about tonight. oh, how about this? should we nix and not fix? the president has put a hello kitty bandage on obamacare. he said insurance companies can offer health policies canceled under the law for another year. the grace period helps for mid-term elections, just a coincidence. is it legal? does it matter? am i drunk? the bottom lean, obama will keep working as hard as he can around the priorities the american people care about. >> i am just gonna keep on working as hard as i can around the priorities that the american people care about. >> just say what greg said.
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the president of america's health insurance plans had a more sober view of his quickie fix saying, quote, changing the rules after health plans have already met the requirements of the law could destabilize the market and result in higher premiums for consumers. boring but true. the white house has released a new encouraging ad or a new ad encouraging -- oh that's dyslexic. a new ad encouraging younger ostriches to enroll in obamacare. >> he is loving this. >> how can you find any
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pleasure in that? >> i thought ostriches are mean, but it changes my opinion. >> they totally change. spoking of changing, jedediah, love the outfit. she is wearing a tutu. >> they don't show it when i say that because it would be too predictable. way to screw with me, camera guys. don't show the tutu. jedediah, is obama -- now they show it. isn't that great? they are slower than -- >> you are clearly the boss of this show. >> no one listens to me. did obama just break the law? and did he break the law for a short-term public relations move dism -- move? >> he thinks he can change the law even though him and his allies said for the longest time you can't talk about repeal? you you can't talk about adjustments because it is the law. democrats were coming out saying you can't changing it. this is the existing law. we have to work with it as it is. now all of a sudden barack
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obama thinks he is king of the world. he says he can make adjustments. why? he wants to save his friends for the mid-term so they don't take a lot of heat. >> i think he is saying i'm in trouble so let's break the law turning all of us into criminals which i enjoy. it makes me feel dangerous. >> you have a dangerous edge to you. >> you know what is dangerous? collar outside the v-neck. >> it is like ebony and ivory. where were you? >> speaking of ebony and ivory. there are plenty of things we can criticize about this fix which is a pun. there are a dozen variances that are being debated. let's presume somebody has something legal. the health care system in this country was badly -- it has been badly mangled before the aca was introduced and it continues to be that there are certain things that are bad that it exacerbates and other
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things not bad about the bill. the bottom line is we have a system even before that was dangerous where 100,000 people a year were being killed by preventable medical injuries which is a huge deal. even more than that we saw a double-digit price inflation. >> what would your solution be? >> there are would have done. conservatives -- or what conservatives ended up doing. i am not a conservative. they focused on the individual mandate. you could have expanded hsa and made it the same for an individual and a corporation to purchase health insurance on people's behalf. those three things would have greatly expanded health care. >> that's what reasons were saying. >> they didn't put it in as planned. >> they didn't sell it. you sold it better than they did. >> the fact you would come on the show and steal my talking
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point. it is so unrule. uncool. >> remi, i did not understand anything camille said because i usually just yell. you are way too coherent for me. i am thinking this is crazy [bleep] going on. today was weird. it just seemed like -- okay, we don't want it anymore. now it is all falling apart. am i wrong? >> that's basically how i saw it. i don't know what an hsa is. >> i feel stupid. >> i can only assume it is a skiing bird. when i saw the press conference it running to me as the beginning of the end for the law. they are basically admitting it is unworkable. i am from virginia. if this thing was any closer to death, terry mccaullife
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would call it life insurance. >> are you a libertarian and you work for reason, what would be your alternative? they keep asking what is your plan if you don't like this? >> it wouldn't involve any force. as far as going into it as something as simple as being able to purchase health insurance across state lines orie deucing the number of coverage -- or reducing the number of coverage mandates each state has. it is like 17 and 70 mandates per policy depending on the state you can't get away from. >> speaking of mandates, andy. how can insurance companies reconstruct plans that they have already canceled and they were planning on doing something completelient from this year. completely different this year. seems like obama has turned them into scapegoats. >> i think the answer is beats me dude. the that will association of insurance commissioners put out a statement and they said
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it is unclear how as a practical matter it can be put into affect. if they can't figure it out, i don't know why you are asking me unless the answer is i can't. i think that is probably going to be the answer. i don't know how they can. this press conference was one of the worst i have seen in my 64 years of watching. this was right up there with truman talking about the a bomb. >> i tuned out while you were talking. i was thinking, you know what? the national beats council would love beats me dude as their motto. could you see a bill -- billboard on the freeway and it says beats me, dude. and there is a beat coming at him. >> i don't think there is anything such as the national beats council. >> there is. >> i don't know. >> can i say one more thing?
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back in 1992 the new york times wrote this false story about how out of touch president h.w. bush was because he was amazed by an electronic super scaner. it was a new fang gelled kind. >> was it romney? >> this was h.w. bush. this was 1992. we called them stories with legs. the whole thing was he is out of touch. that's one of the reasons he lost re-election. today at this press conference president obama sits there and says we discovered how complicated it is to buy insurance. imagine if it is president romney. it would have been an old white guy that is completely out of touch with america. i don't think we will see those stories, but that's what
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he said. >> you also got him to say that the government is over stuffed. essentially what he was saying was the government is over stuffed beurocracy. that is the golden nugget. in the midst of the tan -- tangent is he came to the realization. we have been saying that for years. >> it seems to be the objection all along s. >> they realized big government -- the worst thing about big government is it is big. that's what they figured out. and i think to your point i don't think you will see those stories. the media will go, you know, i really like him and it is complicated. >> that was the point today to shift responsibility to the insurance company. who can i make look like the bad guy here that is not me? who can i shift? >> he was up there saying this is a complicated website. people needed choices for what they could choose. there has never been a website where you have choices as to what plan you buy. insurance companies all have these websites.
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you always use -- you know, for the last 15 years you used a website to compare a plan. >> and you do that when you are buying -- the cliche is you are buying plane tickets and this stuff comes up and it is easy and it is fun. i don't get it. i do that now with seemless. >> i believe it. >> i don't understand why it is called seemless. it should be called something else like beats me. by the way, i want to play sound on tape. this is an obamacare architect talking about genetic lotto winners. this is weird. >> we currently have a highly discriminatory system. if you are sick, if you have been sick or you will get sick you cannot have health insurance. the only way to end discriminatory system is to bring everyone to the system and pay one fair price. that means the lottery winners who have been paying an artificially low price will now have to pay more. >> this is almost like a new kind of grievance.
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it is a new class warfare between the genetic lotto winners and the nongenetic -- you know i have been talking about this. >> it is gatica. >> it is. i talk about this on the basis of physical looks if there is a class between the attractive and unattractive and he goes further and says it is genetic. >> there is a genetic component, but there is a lifestyle component and he doesn't want to get into that. you might have the lower health care costs because you eat healthy and you go to the gym. they want to pre pretend it is everything i don't do. i realize that i need obamacare. >> you are going to need obamacare for obamacare because it is going to drive you crazy. we want to go to the next story. he is taking them to court over escorts and snorts. rob ford, yes him, is suing a
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former aid who accused him of doing cocaine and hanging out with a prostitute. the documents include allegations of repeated drunk driving and the use of racial slurs and multiple instances of sexual harassment including telling a female staffer that he would perform oral sex on them. what is that? >> he will tell you you. >> okay. ford denies all of this. >> no one, but no one is going to accuse me of having escorts and doing lines of cocaine at a bar and former staffers saying i'm making sexual advances to my other staffers. i'm not gonna put up with it. my wife is well aware of it, and i'm not going to put up with it. unfortunately i have to take legal action, and that's exakly what i'm going to -- that's exactly what i'm going to do. >> so glad he tbot dressed up for this. he also addressed the oral sex thing with language that left reporters slightly stunned. >> oh and the last thing was
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off live yaw that says i wanted to eat her [bleep]. i never said in my life to her. i would never do that. i am happily married and have more than enough to eat at home. >> what about drinking and driving? >> oh my god. >> are you kidding me? >> he is amazing. his wife has to be so proud. ford later said she tired of being a punching bag much like this dog. >> i was going to say a little mike tyson kitty. >> but that cat has more money. camille, this guy is so interesting that he is actually making toronto
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interesting. >> it's true. >> is he like an idiot genius or just an idiot? >> i think he may be an idiot genius. you know what i learned today? i learned toronto is the fourth most livable city in the world. that's amazing. it is largely because of its amazing mass transit system. there is an availability of hookers. there is world famous crackhouses. it said he is racist. is that because he used the word stanny? that's weird. packy. a pakistani is not a race. he is not racist. >> i don't know. >> we have at least eliminated one of those things. >> ethnic slur. i know you cannot say -- >> i have never heard it before. >> it is big in england. remi, you were telling me in the green room this guy is your idol. is he -- is he a weird lug with any redeeming qualities?
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>> there is probably one in fashion. i don't feel bad for him at all. i feel like he will be the biggest reality tv star in the world some day. he is how honey boo boo ends. >> he eats honey boo boo. >> i do like how a politician, a pill-popping, drunk-driving, potentially racist politician has a better 2014 re-election chance than a senator that voted for obamacare. >> somehow there is justice in that. jedediah, he is getting a reality show. it is with his brother and it is called ford nation. is it called the sun network in canada? now it is canada's bad boy like me. >> where is your reality show? >> this is it. this is my reality. it is a sad reality.
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>> he actually lifts -- lives in the studio. >> every day people see how much worse my life gets by my posture and sadness. >> jedediah i had a question in there. >> let me say it is interesting that somebody like wiener was so unlikeable. he did terrible things. he didn't have a like ability factor. this guy for some reason people want to watch more. they want to see more. that's why he is getting a show and wiener is not. there is an interesting parallel that some politicians can do the scum me stuff and pull it off. >> she like a teddy bear. >> wiener pulled it off. >> i am not going to answer that. >> i apologize for interruptiing you. >> i know you are trying to get me fired, but i will hold my tongue on that one. >> if they did a show with wiener and ford, they could be standing together and they would look like the number 10. i don't know why i thought of that. >> your mind scares me. what goes on up there -- >> it is just operating on
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memory. the brain is not there. andy, i know you love to drag down fun segments with stats or sad realities like ford is an addict who needs help. are you going to do that here? >> i said my piece last night. i would like to crown rob ford america's mayor. we are replacing rudy guiliani with rob ford. i don't care it is toronto. you are america's mayor. >> they are thinking of making it a tourist attraction. they do tours of serial killer is homes. they go to places where they have urinated again. i would go to toronto for that and of course for the lovely food and the -- >> the transit. >> the transit system in toronto is worth visiting alone. just to go for a ride and come right back. >> to the crackhouses. >> i didn't even know there were crackhouses.
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>> only in toronto. >> in toronto where every year is 1993. coming up, andy levy's cat chat. coming up, why dogs are dumb. first, alec baldwin yelled at someone again.
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not a treat for them to tweet. some of our biggest stars refused to mingle with us on twitter. luckily vanity fair has taken the time to compile a list of reasons why. here is george clooney's. one drunken night you come home and have had too many drinks and you are watching tv and somebody pisses you off and you fight back and you wake up in the morning and your career is over. >> that's true. >> for tina fey, it is not
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about her, but about us. most people are so f-ing boring. they should shut up and write it in a journal and mail it to your grandma. what if your grand ma is passed away? that's cold. daniel craig has the best answer. social networking? just call each other up and go to the pub and have a drink. johnny depp has the most johnny depp answer ever. i don't have a phone. i don't like phones, being reachable all the time. meanwhile a trailer for depp's new movie was posted on-line. take a look. >> that is like depp's career, static.
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jedediah, sometimes word play amazes me. don't you think they are just angry that obscure people can contact them out of the blue and drive them crazy? famous people only want to talk to other famous people. >> they hate regular people who are creative and putting good tweets out there can become famous on twitter. it is threatening. like what have you done to deserve this. my favorite is chris hemsworth , who is thor, says it will overexpose him. if you look at google he is pretty overexposed already. thankfully. >> way to play it straight. camille, are you buying these reasons or is something else going on here like they are too good to mingle with commoners? >> i will accept their reasons because my own experience has not been at all diminished by their absence. so long as i have kanye west to follow.
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>> i never wake up and say i need my clooney tweet. i can't get started for the rest of the day. he would be gay though. who would you like to see on twitter? is that the wrong question? >> i don't know. i'm on twitter, but i don't know if i would follow myself. i don't know about the tweet. i am not good at twitter. i do like twitter for earthquakes. i was in my apartment and it started shaking. i was like, is this an earthquake? i live in virginia. i thought maybe it was something i ate. i pull up my phone and everybody is tweeting earthquake. oh, earthquake of the. >> we are all in this together. >> sometimes you go on twitter and they say omg and i think what am i missing? which celebrity has the best
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answer as to why they are not tweet ?g. >> the delightful jennifer lawrence. everyone was talking about twitter and instagram and tumbler. i literally started losing my breath. people were showing me these hilarious thing. what is pintrest. i know if i get it there will be something else. >> she seems normal. i love when she fell on the steps. what would be better if the fall was slightly serious and she had to wear a cast. i like girls with cast. >> she is just like us. she is a normal person. >> why are you laughing? you don't find casts attractive? >> sexy casts? >> girls in casts are cute. >> does it matter where it is? >> doesn't matter. it can be an arm or leg. >> you like your women vulnerable.
12:27 am
>> i think this is an ego issue. they hate competing. a lot of celebrities are stupid and they don't want to be exposed to stupid. they hate competing. it means less band width. it means look at me. >> clooney's response was perfectly reasonable. >> he's right. he's right. >> for a lot of celebrities, especially those who like to drink, they shouldn't be on twitter. >> that's true. i would wake up in the morning after drinking and say what did i do? i go and i look. remarkably there is -- you know what it is? you are more likely to say something like, you know, [bleep] you to somebody and go to bed then you say i probably shouldn't have said that or say that on tv for that matter. >> which you just did. >> that's inappropriate. >> i don't know. maybe i should have had something to eat before the show. i'm a little dizzy. coming up, the c block.
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tonight's c block is sponsored by the milky way galaxy. thanks milky way galaxy. you're welcome, greg. next, he won a $338 million jackpot, but how much will his ex-girlfriend get? spoiler alert, none times a million. she's cute too.
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is she is a crack pot for
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wanting his jackpot? a new jersey woman is suing her ex-boyfriend for a share of his $338 million powerball winnings. she argues that an chez has -- sanchez has no right to the money. the couple was never married. her legal team says they bought it with their shared earnings. the pair lived together for 10 years and have a child together and shared ownership of a grocery store. look how rich the dude is now. >> i would buy a $300,000 struck and a -- truck and a dog. >> it is a terrible person. >> i am terrible, but at least
12:33 am
i am admitting it. >> isn't the reason you get married you are legally bound if they win the lottery. >> that's the reason. and she made a very poor decision. it is hard to say though. it does sound really shady. your live in girlfriend of 10 years and you cut her out of the lottery winnings. what is interesting is it looks like the guy has almost no money left. 25 million is unaccounted for. >> it is a relative milking him dry and like that other time. or something tragic. somebody who has no money, the first two things that happens is coke and strippers or coke and strippers. i don't know what order. all of the money you love in
12:34 am
that lottery? >> you found a wi -- a way to do it. >> spent it all on pepsi. the best part of the story, the lawyers say $20 million can't be located. maybe the jeans you haven't worn in six months? it doesn't sound like he will have to split this money. they passed a law in 2010 saying basically .ou are screwed if there is no contract. i think she is screwed. ethically he should give her some of the money, but that's not gonna happen. >> what do you think will happen? will he decide to do the right thing which is just leave and go to an island and buy all of these young women or men. that's what i would do. i lived the life of raymond burr.
12:35 am
i would get a wheelchair and be handicapped. >> he already lost a lot of money. he can still retire with $50 million. he can retire in india or something. they have cats. >> they do. they do. he will be dead. >> optimistic. did i go to you already? >> no. >> i won't make my point. >> i will make your point. >> she has a child so i feel the child should be taken care of, but is she entitled to the money? no. what did he buy the ticket with? his money, shared money? how much was shared? i have been mad looking at the fact that $338 million becomes $152 million after taxes. >> that's how it works. >> i know, but the conservative in me just couldn't -- >> i think it is worse than that. he took the lump sum of $152
12:36 am
and then that is cut in half. >> that's the funny thing. even after taxes most people will go, well i don't want to have the -- i don't want to have a million dollars a year. i want it all. then it is sliced again by the government. the government just gets everything. >> you can't even fantasize. oh i am gonna win the lottery. they even take that away from you. >> it ends up poorly. you always assume you will win the lottery and joy and happiness will shower upon you. but it is always depressing. >> mo money, mo problems. >> he did end up with $80 million. that's still a pretty good fantasy. >> it would take awhile to spend that. here is my theory on why he should give the money to the woman. he should not only give the money to the woman, but he should get back in her good graces. marry her, treat the kid like a normal kid. he will die. the only way he could stay alive is by having a calming ma nothing -- monogomous
12:37 am
influence. >> did you miss the part of the story where she has filed a domestic abuse charge against them? >> that's why they are not living together. >> i did not know that. >> now she wants his money. >> do i have time for the ribs story? the mcrib is mcback. customers may not be loving it this time around. look at that beauty. the sandwich has a cult following. here is what it looks like frozen. isn't that amazing? it comes from a mickey d's. it went viral prompting the company to issue a statement like a burger patty is pormed to be -- formed to be flat. oh that will fool us. and then last freeze the patty to seal in the flavor and freshness. andy, who feels strongly about this story? >> why am i supposed to be grossed out by this? this is exactly what i assumed
12:38 am
a frozen mcrib would look like. >> look at that. >> what's wrong with it? >> it looks like some kind of uh bomb minutable snowman. >> do you think hamburgers are in the wild roaming around and they are harvested and cooked? that's what they do with beef. they chop it and press it. what's the difference? >> i always thought when i was a kid that when you killed a cow you cut it open and the burgers were all there. >> i love that. >> i can't believe they are shaping our food. >> i don't even remember when i first found out that meat came from animals. i know that i didn't care. that was the great thing, camille. does this disgust you? >> i don't eat pork. >> i don't think that matters here. >> i am just saying i have never had a mcrib. i can't relate. >> ribs are my favorite food.
12:39 am
i have never had a mcrib because i am on atkins and i can't eat the bun. it is like we are trying to fool you by shaping it with ribs, jedediah. you look at that thing and you say oh i couldn't eat the bun? you are worried about the bun? are you kidding me? oh my god. this is the part of the show where i get the hate mail. i did a little research on the mcrib. it also contains things like ammonium cul fate and polysorbate80 and my perm favorite a flour bleaching agent found in foam plastic. >> that is great. it preserves it and makes it tasty. chemicals are nothing more than man's improvement on nature. >> thank you. and polysorbate80 by the way is the best polysorbate. it is not even close. >> and a great album. >> a great source of sodium as well. >> 580 milligrams actually. >> i am on board with andy. i don't see the big deal at
12:40 am
all. the mcrib is amazing. >> people like making fun of mcdonalds because it is beneath them. it is like twitter for your belly. here is what i say. i love mcdonalds, but i don't eat it because it does things to my stomach and it does it so quickly. it is how normal food goes through your intestines like this. mcdonalds is like the cabdriver that knows a shortcut to your gut. >> it is magic food. >> mcdonalds is like your best friend's beautiful wife you just want so bad, but you can't have it so you admire it from a far. >> my rule on the mcrib is? it is seasonal so one. one per season. you pay the price. it is not pleasant, but you do it once a year. >> do they really have to shape it to make it look like a rib? >> i imagine so. >> why not?
12:41 am
>> it is like when you watch monday night football and the graphics are all like three -- 3-d block letters. i know it spells something, but it is not coming out at me. just write monday night football -- >> you don't watch monday night football. >> i don't like block lettering. we want you to believe there is a dimension to the -- there is a third dimension to a two-dimensional thing. did you ever see that? doesn't it drive you nuts? >> that's true. shading draffs me crazy. why is there shading when there is that sun? it doesn't make any sense. >> i don't know what is happening. somebody writes to me and says, greg, finally you are speaking out about three-do mentional graphic design -- three-dimensional and graphic designs. it is all a lie.
12:42 am
>> that's apple's new thing. >> i didn't know that. >> flat is in. flat as a tom boy. >> i am glad it took a segment. >> all right. i don't know what happened. what did i do? >> greta will say something about the free food. i ate all of the potato ship. potato chips. it is time to take a break. don't leave now. there is more stuff to talk about, the joy of hate. this book is so good. i would burn three to keep warm while you read this outside. autographed copies on g w
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test test the devil walks among us. as gawker points out, the
12:46 am
fiend has been easier to find these days. satan i mean. boston mobster "whitey" b lo ger is actually satan said by a man who was murdered. milely cyrus sold her soul and had sex with a lesser demon or as they would say a lesser pair of religious broadcasters. and in a recent broadcast, an tau anyone scalia said, quote, i even believe in the devil. yeah, he is a real person. come on that is standard catholic doctrine. every catholic believes that. case closed. i always as a kid believed in the devil and then jedediah we have president barak hussein obama. then i realized he is the del. what say you? >> i got none of my work done because of you because it lead me to thinking about god and religion and the devil and i almost went to church. i think if you believe in god you have to believe in the devil.
12:47 am
if you believe in supreme good, i think you have to believe in supreme evil and vice-versa. is it walking among us? no, i don't think so. i don't believe in organized religion, but i believe there is a force of good out there so i feel like there is a force of evil. that's as far as i have gotten. >> could miley cyrus be the devil? >> i can tell you that it wasn't -- there was a lady in the article talking about she was in bed and a cloud of black smoke appeared and she was like, oh my god, it is the devil. it is not that. >> that was called a fire. you were smoking in bed. >> my first thought wouldn't be oh it is the devil. my first thought would be check the oven. >> exactly. sorry i ruined your joke. camille, is the devil a singular beast or like what jedediah says, aers force of evil. >> i am not sure, but i take issue with justice scalia's prop session that it is a
12:48 am
standard part of the catholic doctrine that he is an actual person, a fallen angel cast down 209 earth. that's a bizarre choice if i do mention god. that was weird. he cast him down into the earth. >> why give him to us? we weren't doing anything wrong. andy, you are a staunchly religious person, but yet you think i am the devil. >> i know you are the devil. yet i am not religious. i am spiritual. i mostly don't believe in satan during the daytime. but i will not watch the exorcist at home alone at night. make of that what you will. >> that is the scarest movie ever. i wish there was a satan. when you were a kid you were terrified as a catholic and altar boy you were afraid that the devil would talk to you or visit you and you were told that would happen to you. i welcome the devil every
12:49 am
night before i go to bed. i say please visit me, please visit me. i dare you. i dare you. >> you have to say it three times. >> you have to switch the light on and off in the bathroom. >> you keep it off. keep the light off and close the door and do it with the mirror. >> and then you durn it on and your face was supposed to change. >> that was bloody mary. >> i am freaking people out at 3:00 in the morning. >> and candy man. >> chucky. >> do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. do you have a video of your animal doing something? go to red -- fox eye. coming up, our last story.
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e block. last story. that's the last story. >> i want to clarify before you write angry letters. i don't believe in the devil, but i do believe in evil. that changes everything. should a fat head say fat head? alec baldwin chased a photographer who got too close to his wife and daughter. he said the actor used an anti-gay slur at the end. afterward baldwin's stalker
12:54 am
was sen assistanced to seven months in -- sentenced to seven months in jail. let's listen fans of listening. >> get away from my wife and the baby with the camera. get away from my kid with the camera. you know what will happen to you, don't you? come on. [bleep]. >> he was so angry when he got in the car. i had to calm him down. baldwin used a slur. thursday baldwin tweeted if tmz asserts i used an anti-gay epiphat he said i will sue. the word is fat head. fat head. let's listen to it again. i can't del. i can't tell. >> everybody listening we all went like this.
12:55 am
>> we don't have the accuse stick sound laboratory. >> all of us did this. >> what did you think? >> i don't know. i don't hear head. i don't hear a second sill syllable. >> quickly, remi, what do you hinge? >> i don't know. i saw his tweet clarifying it and it -- what i don't understand is it turned into a left versus right thing. >> we are just talking about what he said. >> if i was a betting man i don't think he will be working at his show. they were doing all of this coverage about how offensive a football team name was. >> exactly. that soft, sophisticated show is going away. do you believe what he said? >> he has a track record of saying anti-gay things.
12:56 am
i am not saying he is anti-gay. he just has a nasty potty mouth. >> does that get him off the hook? >> it shouldn't. i would be surprised if he lost his show over this given that he has this whole history. i don't think that will be a consequence. i don't think he said fat head. if i had to guess -- >> i have to say. slurs are bad. fighting words are different than words. you do fighting words with the expressed interest in pissing people off. you say a lot of things to elevate the fight. i always feel like that happens and what do you do? i don't know. anyway. >> i don't blame him for being mad. >> it happens to me all the time. >> and by the way, you know my kids.
12:57 am
>> legally they are not kids. >> they are rascals. they do a lot of great things. >> it is usually against their will. >> bye. .
12:58 am
12:59 am
1:00 am
hello everyone. i'm kimberly along with bowli bowling >> it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." >> the problems the web site has prevented too many americans from completing the enrollment h process. it is legitimate for them to expect me to have to win back the credibility. that's on me. that's on us. it's on me, it's not on them, it's on us.e this one is on us. >> after years of lying about the signature healthcare law an weeks after this launched to disastrous results those words you heard are president

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